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Various grades of copper sheet, plate, foils etc are umbrellaed under specification American Society for Testing and Materials B152/ B152M. For instance, the UNS C11000 is an electrolytic Tough Pitch, lightly alloyed grade of Copper. While grade UNS C10100 is referred to as Oxygen-Free Electronic or in short as OFE. OFE is pure copper, with its purity being rated at about 99.99% with about 0.0005% being the content of oxygen. Since this specification covers multiple copper grades, it is difficult to stress more on the chemistry of the B152 Plate, which is why the chemistry of each grade is to conform to the requirements that correspond to the UNS Number it is indicated by.

However, the specification notes that the Tempering of B152 Copper Sheet is to be performed by any one of the following practices i.e.-  hot rolling, cold rolling, and annealing. Per usual of any American Society for Testing and Materials specification, these components, for e.g. - B152M Copper Sheet is required to meet mechanical properties including those of ensile strength, Rockwell hardness, and plate item tests. Moreover, the B152 C11000 is required to be capable of acing not only the microscopical examination set forth but also an embrittlement test. Although it must be pointed out that the B-152 C10100 is not required by the specification to undergo these two tests. However, what makes this specification different from the others is that the Copper material used in the manufacture of B152 Foils is required to meet the maximum indicated limit of electrical resistivity.

ASTM B152M Copper Sheet Materials Selection And Specification

Standard ASTM B152 M-06, B187, B75 M-02, B42 -02 etc.
Length From 1250mm up to 2500
Width From 25mm up to 1250mm
Thickness From 0.5mm and above
Test Certificate Government Approved
Item B152 Copper Plate
Application Manufacturing pins, Rivets, Gasket, Nuts, Conduits, Barometer spring, Screen, Radiator parts etc

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ASTM B152 Plate Chemical And Physical Properties

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