About Us

The applications of Special Alloys across the world is basically limitless. From improved corrosion resistance property to high strength and in our case high temperature metals. As expected, a peculiarity of High Temperature Alloys is their unique ability to withstand high temperatures, even more so, when they have been subjected to conditions where the heat borders on extremes. In fact, it is this said property itself that makes these alloys a fast selling product. Another outlook of this material is their good features like ductility and formability permit most manufacturers to manipulate the Nickel Based Superalloys into various shapes and forms. Using specifications i.e. ASTM, we are able to procure Nickel Alloy Piping Products in varying forms or getting them tailored for our buyers based in key industries. Many of our clients belonging to the aerospace industry will vouch for not only for the candour of our high temperature super alloys, but they also appreciate the stock we source making us a very voguish nickel alloy products supplier.

Nickel being a commodity is frequently traded on various exchanges, which is why the cost of alloying for the relatively derived Nickel Based Alloys often fluctuates. More often than not the cost of nickel leans towards the higher side. At Hitesh Steel, we offer reasonable pricing for various forms of High Nickel Alloys. You can get in touch with us for more details on the pricing of each product either on the page with given links or email us for more details.